Alton Guitar

Childrens lessons

There is more to being a teacher of guitar than just being a good guitarist. It is essential that your childs tutor understands that every child is individual and learns at his or her own pace and in their own way. I  have developed a style of teaching guitar over many years that especially suits children and young people, whether playing for recreation or interested in taking grades. (All grade students have passed, the majority with distinction)

I  believe that it is important when teaching children, to keep the lessons fun, structured and in bite size chunks. Beginners are introduced to the guitar in an exciting way with musical games that enable them to achieve instantly!
Each lesson builds on the last to quickly give the child at the very least the ability to accompany their own singing with their guitar. If children wish to progress further then these skills are built on to whatever standard their determination allows!

The most important aspect of learning the guitar as with any instrument is regular practice at home. Mike encourages parents/carers to take time to show interest in their childs new skill. Homework is given after every session and Mike expects carers/parents to ensure that their child has the time and space to practice.
Children benefit from and learn easily with my unique ezee system that uses a template of colours and shapes to help identify notes and enable children to correctly place their fingers easily