Alton Guitar

Lessons will be held; weekly /  fortnightly.    For 30 Mins /45 mins / 1 Hour (delete as agreed)
Lessons will be paid in advance; per week / per half term a discount is given for half termly payments.
(delete as agreed).
Students will be on time for the lesson. Only the agreed time is allotted per student, being late will mean a shorter lesson. There will be no refund in this circumstance.
Cancellations need to be notified at least 48 hours in advance. Or fee will be due in full.
Cancellations by Michael will be replaced at the earliest convenient time for both parties.
For those paying in advance half termly the cancellations cannot be replaced, even if notified within 48 hours of cancelation, more than once in a 6 week period.
More than 2 cancellations in a half term may lead to losing your allotted time.
Cost of lessons; please enquire.
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