Alton Guitar

"Mike has great patience when
teaching especially with a novice such as myself"
"Mike always manages to set learning tasks that are just
 beyond the current skill level and then, when you get
 close to achieving it, he moves the task up a notch so
 that you are always on the learning path and not relaxing
 into the comfort zone of what you have already learned."
"Mike treats his pupils with respect no matter what
level they are or how difficult they may find some of
 the exercises". Mike covers a wide range
of skills from rhythms to chords and picking technique.

My son has only been having lessons for the last six
 months and already has quite a repertoire of music that he can
 play in various styles. The lessons are fun and interesting and
 he cannot wait to get home and practice what he has learned
 each week. Thank you Michael!
Kind regards

My daughter had been having tuition with another tutor and had
 lost her confidence due to a guitar grades exam failure.
Following approximately nine months of tuition with Mike she
 has grown in skill and confidence and has passed the next grade
 up on her previous exam failure, only this time with distinction!
Thank you Mike.

I am so pleased with the progress of my lessons that my son and
 his girlfriend are now also taking lessons from Mike. He makes
 the lessons fun yet structured. The biggest problem for me was
 keeping time. Mike has helped me to overcome this and my
 playing has improved dramatically over the months.
Thanks Mike.

Michael is a very experienced guitarist, who is able to teach 
many styles, such as rock, jazz, blues, as I have witnessed in my
 seven or so months of tutorials.
Michael's style is to work on asong,
whilst also including theory (on chords and scales) which is 
helping me not only play the guitar but to also understand how
 sounds are made. The lessons are fun, and I feel that I have 
improved a lot since  beginning the lessons, learning to play lead 
guitar and improving my rhythm.
I would recommend Michael to all levels of guitarists looking to 
improve due to his experience and teaching style.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the
 enthusiasm and patience you show in Tom’s lessons. I am sure
 the relaxed atmosphere and your choice of music are key
 factors in holding Tom’s attention. I would definitely recommend 
your tutiton to anyone wishing to learn themselves or with a 
child who wishes to learn to play the guitar.
Thank you.
Lynne Spivey